Thursday, June 23, 2011

Essay about :The Book I Like Most, My Favorite Book, Why I Love Quran

The Book I Like Most, My Favorite Book,
 Why I Love Quran
There are thousands of books today which have been  written and printed and now the most modern way is published on web. Every one has its own choice of and taste about reading a book but I like to read, study and learn the Quran.
It is the message of Allah for whole of the mankind which was revealed by Allah Almighty on his beloved and last Porphet Muhammd(peace be upon him). This is the book which is not the thought of any person or intelctula but it is the word or our creator for us which show us the right path and prohibit us not to adopt the ways which He has not chosen for His Beloved ones. Allah Almighty has taken the responsibility Himself to ensure the originality in script of Quran which can not be changed by any one. It is a code of conduct for a individual and rule of law for the whole world. It is a work of great virtue to read, learn, and listen the Quran. Many Muslims learnt it by heart. The Quran is a complete book which explain every except of this universes. It explain many scientific aspects very clearly. It has explains briefly about past history and the life of people in true aspect. It not only show us the paths of virtue and sin but also explain us how we can adopt the way of Allah Almighty and who we can abstain our selves from the way of Shetan. Total number of surahs in the Holy Quran is hundred and fourteen (114), every surah has its own title which is consider as its core of discussion because of the importance of a subject. It is divided in to 30 chapters. It gives us the message of peace. It tells us that all human being are equal before Allah only those are greater who adopt the ways of Allah. The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him) not only spread the message of Allah but also practically showed who to practice the teachings of Quran in our daily lives. These are only few aspects of my love about Quran.


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